fredag 10. oktober 2008

Words! Please stay!

I am confused. Really confused. When you start to speak three different languages in one sentence. You are confused. My brain is working like a damp-machine day in and day out. It is working on high speed, and sometimes the turbo sets in as-well. The spanish language is starting to hunt me. The first thing I think about in the morning is...well...spanish. The last thing? guessed it. It is like a stream. A stream of words going in and out of my head. Some of them stay. Some are leaving right away. The good thing is that the amount of “staying” words are increasing day by day, and the amount of outgoing sentences are also increasing.

This is the feeling of learning a new language where the language is. This is the feeling of happiness and joy for me who have been, and is still pushing myself to learn this language. It is not easy. I have to say, really, it is a lot of work. BUT, I am getting there...little by little.

5 kommentarer:

Maria Cirene sa...

You will get there my friend, there is no doubt! Praying for you! hugs

Jon Amador sa...

Haha. The spanish matador vs. you(the bull).

Karen Anne Monteiro de Andrade sa...

hey! muy buenoooooooooo mi amigo!
keep on'll get there...miss you! brazilian hug!

Rainbow Choi =) sa...

hang in there Svenn! don't be discouraged, you're doing awesome! :)

que Dios te beniga! :)

Synøve sa...

Du er heldig som får lære språket ordentlig da! Keep up the good work!