lørdag 11. oktober 2008

The world with contrast

Lima is big. And when I say big. I mean it. 12 million people in one city. That is a lot of people , and I live in a family with two of this 12 million. I will say one thing about them. They are the nicest, the funniest, the best, the kindest and the most amazing people in the world! There are no words for how great they are. I laugh every day with them. It is fantastic.

They live in the nice part of the city. Until a couple of days ago, this was the only part of Lima I had seen. I have been kind of feeling like I have been in the United States. I thought Lima is just nice. Where are the poor people? I am not here to see just this. I got everything back in my face when I visited a district called Villa Maria. Only 30 minutes away from my fantastic home I found one of the biggest slums I have ever seen. Only 30 minutes! It is not only a slum. It is a desert too. It is another world.

Another thing who scares me is; How can people live in Lima without doing something about what is going on only 30 minutes from their home. It is like I would go to buy something in the store in Norway. Here you jump between two worlds in that same amount of time.

We visited a fantastic project called CEDTEP in Villa Maria. They work with adolescent mothers. It was amazing to see their work. Mothers as young as 13 years old. Yeah, it is amazing and scary at the same time. To see the little ones, so nice, but the mothers are way to young to be mothers. But with CEDTEP they learn to raise their children. The mothers manage very well despite the situation they are in. This is a light shining in the middle of the slums of Villa Maria.

This is the world with contrast. Black and white do exist. This is the real world, but hope is there in the middle of the slums. What can you do to make a change?

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Sigrid sa...

Å, som jeg gleder meg for å reise ut. Høres ut som det er litt av hvert der ute. Hvordan går det forresten med spansken?
Når kommer dere forresten til Bolivia?
Vi reiser om 17 dager. Det blir helt sykt!!

Synøve sa...

humm... sykt da!

Rainbow Choi =) sa...

Sounds like you're seeing lots and reflecting lots Svenn! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What can you do to make a change? Seems like you're on the right track :)

rainbow =)

Sandra sa...

Vel, du gjør jo i hvertfall ditt nå for å gjøre en forskjell.
Det er bra :)

Gøy å lese om hvordan du har det. Og utrolig hightech at jeg kan velge hvilket språk jeg vil lese den på. Haha.