fredag 7. november 2008

The first impression

I am now sitting in my bed tired after my first real day in the cabaña with 13 boys sleeping on the other side of the wall. After a day with school, fighting with the new Norwegian, cleaning the house, doing homework, watching movies and taking a bath it is not so veered that all of us (the kids too) are tired.

The names of my kids are the following: Oliver, Edvard, Edson, Josue, José Manuel, Josue w., Leo, Mosues, Ricardo, Iver, Alejandro, Roy and Alex. They are fantastic boys. You can almost believe that they are normal kids with a normal past. Unfortunately, they are not. They are kids with backgrounds I really can´t imagine. Some are from the street, others are here because of other reasons. The thing all of them have in common is that this is their home. This is their life. Right here in this house. This village. To me this seems like a summer-camp which never ends. I walk around every day thinking; What can I do to be something good in their life? The answer is so here for them...and you bet I will the following six months.

Today I discovered that taking pictures is not a problem in the Aledea. I have been kind of careful with the camera since I want to focus on my work, but today I couldn’t keep it in my room anymore...It was more popular than I expected...

5 kommentarer:

Kristin sa...

For noen hærlige unger! Dåkke e heldige:-)

Rainbow Choi =) sa...

que precioso! :)

Kai Worley sa...

Endelig fikset du skrivefeilene. :P

Herlig Svennemann. Håper du har det bra. Missing you lots.
Hermano! :D

Jon Amador sa...

SVENNNN!! heyheyhey jeg har en onkel som heter Alejandro. :P Svenn, jeg må innrømme jeg savner ditt gode nærver, men jeg kan tenke meg at barna der du er har mer bruk for det enn meg. :) Du må hilse dem fra en norsk hermano.

Du har aktivert ordbekreftelse.
Min ordbekreftelse: gampum

Evig bra, lykke til videre.

Jon Amador sa...

Du. Kom med en adresse sånn at jeg kan sende kort. He he.