tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Stepping out of the nest

When I meet new Bolivians they always ask me if I have seen something else than Santa Cruz. Being able to say yes to this question has been something I have really wanted to do. Not that saying yes to this is a very big deal, but that I want to know something more about Bolivia. I have been in Santa Cruz for three months now without taking one day off from work. I have rather done the opposite. But finally, I didn’t have any choose but to go to La Paz for infield. And I have to tell you that to finally take some days of really meant a lot. I had a fantastic week in La Paz and Coroico. Coroico is a little town three and a half hours outside La Paz.

The beautiful city Coroico

I discovered after several warnings that coming to La Paz (especially by plane) is not a joke. The thin air 4000 meters above sea level is really something. A few steps felt like climbing a mountain. My entire body felt strange. Pain everywhere, and worse of all. No air to breath in.

Luckily this past by just after a few hours and I could start enjoying the amazing city of La Paz. I visited the Aldea and the Alalay children of La Paz. I also met my fellow students again. It was really great. Finally I could speak norwegian again with someone else than my teammate. (nothing personal mate)

The entire south-america team

Then followed a great week with a fantastic infield course. It was like connecting the charger and charge up all the empty batteries. I believe you can say that we charged each other. A lot of credit to Hald for this. They know how to do exchange.

I am now back in Santa Cruz ready to continue my work. Three more months with the greatest work in the world is really something I am looking forward to.

The Aldea of Alalay, La Paz

Our hotel in Coroico

The veiw from the hotel

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