fredag 30. januar 2009

What makes you keep going

I felt everything had gone wrong. The whole day had just been a lot of shouting and negative response. I was so tired of it all, but still I was there with my kids. In a way pretending that I felt everything was right. First of all I was alone with my kids. Thirteen of them. Being in charge alone with so many kids is a lot of work in itself. What made all very difficult was that the water went. It was more or less gone the entire weekend. This makes cleaning here in Alalay almost impossible. Without water no clean clothes, rooms, plates, cups...basically everything. And worst of all - No water to drink. I guess you can imagine how it is when every single one of the kids is complaining about all this when it is nothing to do about it. This makes you tired, frustrated and sometimes angry. But a part of this work is to keep all this inside and keep going.

I was sitting playing with my kids. Just to get all our problems out of our mines. After a few fights and some competitions one of the kids said something I’ll never forget. Hermano Esteban do you know what? I answered; no, what is it? You know, you are like our second know...our dad. I didn’t know what to say. I had no words. Isn’t that so, he said to the other kids. All the other kids nodded indicating that they agreed. Then one of the kids came over and gave me a big hug and said. You are really nice, daddy...

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Rainbow Choi =) sa...

i'm sure you are a wonderful second Daddy, Svenn! i will keep praying for you for perseverance and for the kids that they will see their Abba Daddy reflected in you.

don't feel like you need to pretend that everything's alright all the time, because it's not! and you can't provide all what the kids need and be all that they need and long for. but God can and God is. you can just be real with them. :)

you are doing good Svenn, with all that God's entrusted you with. be encouraged! & keep hoping for these kids... "we rejoice in the HOPE of the glory of God... suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character hope. AND HOPE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT US, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us." Romans 5:3-5

Gud velsigne deg!

Kristin sa...

saa sjoenn du er :) herlig aa lese bloggen din. keep going svenn, sees i april.
klem fra kristin

Jon Amador sa...

Pappa Svenn. Mizz u. Come back to rainy Bergen.

Steinar sa...

Du ass. Hermano Esteban... Først reiser du til mitt barnehjem for å jobbe med mine unger, og så knabber du mitt navn!!:) jaja... flaks jeg ikke har dame..hehe. Snart klare for hjemreise? bra blogging. Holder meg borte fra oppgaveskriving..