lørdag 19. september 2009

The reality and the hope

It is burning hot. Really burning hot. That is for sure. Working on the streets of Santa Cruz is an experience impossible to explain. It is hard work in every way. It is quite challenging physically, but above all psychically. The reality I am working in is rough. A reality without mercy, what so ever. It is just not there. It seems.

This week has been for me the roughest week in my entire life. Sometimes I just want to shout out loud. Just shouting. Really loud.

- This week one girl died in the street. Strangled to death by another street kid. She became 16 years old. I was not there, but I know her well. She lived in Alalay for some time, but escaped. Now she is dead...

- A women about 20 years old came to my office on Thursday. Totally beaten up. Her face was totally blue. Her nose was broken.

- A boy In risk of ending up on the street took one more step closer this week. We helped him with a place to study, but he skipped class and is now hanging out on the street. He has big problems in his family. The situation has become a lot worse this week.

- Yesterday the police beat up all of the street kids in two of the zones here in the city. About 30 kids has been totally beaten up. I came to one of the zones right after it happened.

This is some of the things that has happened this week. It might seem that this work is just hopeless, but it is not! Everyday has good moments. Every week. This week, three kids I have been working with in the street have entered a home. It makes everything worth it. Everything!

I want you to know the reality, but more than anything: Know that there is hope!

2 kommentarer:

Vegard sa...

For en uke! Håper tida framover blir blir prega av framgang for ungene dine. Det gjør så vondt når det går motsatt veg.

Rainbow Choi =) sa...

que triste es la realidad! :(

ay. pero si, hay esperanza, no la pierda. estoy orando para ti hermano!