søndag 6. september 2009

A sudden change

I am now done with my first week of work here in Bolivia. It has been a challenging week with a lot of things to do. It has been in many ways quite difficult at times, because my head is somehow still in Norway. You know, one day I’m sitting outside my house reading a book with the beautiful Norwegian nature around me. The next I’m sitting in the middle of the Santa Cruz traffic talking to the street children. It’s a tremendous change of environment, a sudden jump between two totally different realities. For me it has been a real challenge.

Out of choice I have a lot more responsibility now than before. I am not working as a voluntary that is helping out when needed. I work as a street educator, meaning that I have a certain responsibility for the street work, taking decisions, and following up the children at a daily basis. It is different working like this compared to how I worked before. I get a lot more into the work, something I learn a lot from. It is challenging and very interesting.

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Rainbow Choi =) sa...
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Rainbow Choi =) sa...

Que bien, hermano. Aunque es difícil, es una gran bendición que tengas esta oportunidad para servir a Dios y los niños así. Siempre Dios te fortelece. Seguiré orando para tí y los niños.

¡ Que Dios te bendiga y que te gozes en tu vida allá mi hermano!

ps. Una pregunta, ¿hay unas mujeres también que trabajan con las niñas en las calles?